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In 1993, I passed the Illinois Bar Exam and returned to my hometown to serve the citizens of Kane County as a prosecutor.  I remained a prosecutor for over fifteen years in the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit rising to the position of First Assistant State’s Attorney, the highest non-elected position in the office, in both DeKalb and Kane County.  For the last eight years, I’ve served as a Judge, where I now preside over the Juvenile Division and Mental Health Court. I feel blessed to have returned to and serve the incredible community where I have now lived for over forty-five years, and am proud to have raised my four children here with my wife of twenty-five years. I am aware and respectful of the authority entrusted to me and am committed to treating each person who appears in front of me with the respect and dignity they deserve. As I have done ever since I was sworn in as a Judge in 2009, I promise to continue to use my experience to enforce the laws of our state and to move cases through our court system efficiently and fairly. It has been an honor to serve you for the last twenty-four years, and I ask for your support as I seek election as Circuit Judge, 4th Judicial Subcircuit.

Get to Know Judge Clint Hull



kane county is Judge Clint Hull's home for 49 Years
1 – The Wiffle Ball Kid

In court, I’m addressed as “Judge Hull.” In the community, everyone knows me just as “Clint.” But many years ago, some knew me as “The Wiffle Ball Kid”…

2 – Kane county’s Big Brother

I served as a Big Brother to Billy K. from 1992-2000. At the end of the match we were as close as real brothers.

3 – Presiding judge – mental health court

Presiding over Mental Health Court and helping those that that appear before me is one of my favorite parts of being a Judge.

4 – Barth Award recipient

I was honored and humbled to receive the 2016 Barth Award from TriCity Family Services in October.



The Illinois State Bar Association provides judicial ratings on all judges throughout the state. These ratings are generated from attorney surveys and rate the Integrity, Impartiality, Legal Ability, Temperament, Court Management, Health and Sensitivity of each judge.  In the most recent poll on a scale where a 100% comprises a perfect score Clint scored eighty-nine percent (89%) or higher in every category.   Ninety-eight (98%) of attorneys surveyed said Clint adhered to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct required of the office, had the necessary legal experience, knowledge, and ability, and diligently and promptly attended to the duties of the office and assured the steady progress of court business.

In March of 2009, Clint was appointed an Associate Judge by the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit.  In September of 2016, the Illinois Supreme Court by unanimous vote appointed Clint to the position of Circuit Judge.  Over the past eight years Clint has been assigned to number of different courtrooms.  Initially, Clint presided over a high volume traffic and misdemeanor court call which required him to move hundreds of cases through his courtroom each week.  After his work in the Traffic and Misdemeanor division Clint was assigned to the Abuse and Neglect court call where he presided over cases in which children had been removed from their parent’s custody due to suspected abuse and/or neglect.  In 2011 Clint was assigned to a Felony courtroom in the criminal division.  He remained in that position for over four years presiding over jury trials, bench trials, and pre-trial  motions in cases where defendants were charged with offenses including but not limited to first degree murders, sexual assaults, aggravated D.U.I.s and other violent crimes.  In 2016, Clint was named the Presiding Judge of the Kane County Juvenile Division.  Clint has also served as the judge in Kane County’s Treatment Alternative Court (a.k.a. Mental Health Court) since 2012.

In addition to his work inside the courtroom, Clint has been actively engaged with schools throughout Kane County.  Clint has been invited to speak at high schools, junior highs, and grade schools throughout Kane County at a variety of events including pre-prom and Homecoming assemblies, National Honor Society and other recognition events, career days, moot court competitions, and Too Good for Drug graduation ceremonies. Most recently, Clint, along with Chief Judge Susan Clancy Boles, developed a presentation titled “Worries of the World Wide Web.”  Clint has presented the program to thousands of students throughout Kane County.  The presentation targets middle school students and addresses the increasing problem of cyber bullying, electronic harassment, and sexting/child pornography.  The presentation was selected by the Illinois Judges Association as a program to promote statewide.  In 2017 Judges Boles and Hull trained seventy judges to present the program to middle school students throughout Illinois.

Prior to becoming a Judge, Clint worked as an attorney for 16 years.  Clint began his career as a prosecutor for the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office in 1993.  As a prosecutor his days were spent inside the courtroom prosecuting offenders for such crimes as first degree murder, home invasion, criminal sexual assault, reckless homicides, and aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol.  Clint was known as a fierce advocate in the courtroom and enjoyed working side by side with local police to hold offenders accountable for their crimes.  In 1999, he took a job in private practice with the law firm of Blood, Boose, and Brizuela handling civil litigation, real estate, wills and trusts, and other transactional work.  In 2000, he was hired by the DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s Office as the Chief Felony prosecutor.  He was promoted to First Assistant State’s Attorney in 2002, the highest non-elected position in the office.  He held that position until 2004.   In 2004, he was hired by newly elected Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti as the First Assistant in Kane County.  He held the position of First Assistant until he was appointed an Associate Judge in 2009.  As the First Assistant he tried highly complex criminal cases.  One of the highlights of his career was his role in “Operation First Degree Burn.”  Operation First Degree Burn was a joint investigation between the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office and federal, state, and local police agencies which resulted in thirty-one defendants being charged for twenty-two murders that occurred in and around Aurora over two decades.    In 2007 he along with other members of the State’s Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement were honored by the Chicago Crime Commission with the Star of Distinction award for their collaborative work.

The Supreme Court of Illinois requires every active Illinois judge to attain 30 hours of continuing judicial education every two years through attendance at the biennial Educational Conference.  A select number of judges throughout the state are selected to serve on the faculty for the Conference.  Clint was selected by the Judicial Education Committee to serve on the faculty at the 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 Conferences.  Clint also was selected to be a member of the faculty at the 2017 New Judges Seminar which all newly elected and appointed judges attend.  Clint has also served as a faculty member for the Illinois Appellate Prosecutor’s Office Basic and Advanced trial advocacy courses since 2008.  In that role, with the approval of the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts, Clint teaches trial skills to prosecutors throughout the State of Illinois.

Clint was elected to the St. Charles Park District Board of Directors in 1996 and was re-elected in 2000.  He served as President from 2002-2004.  He served as the Park District’s representative to the Fox Valley Special Recreation Association during his eight years in office.  Highlights during Clint’s eight years on the Board was the St. Charles Park District receiving the Gold Medal Award (1998) from the National Recreation and Park Association recognizing the District as being the best park district in the nation in their class, opening the “The Underground”, a teen center which received the Illinois Governor’s Hometown Award in 2002 and is still operating today, and working with local legislatures to convey 348 acres (now known as James O. Breen Park) valued at $26.5 million dollars to the Park District at no cost to the taxpayers.  In 2000, Clint was selected to serve on the Illinois Association of Park Districts (I.A.P.D.)  I.A.P.D. is a nonprofit statewide board that is dedicated to  service, research and education and serves park districts, forest preserves, conservation, municipal park and recreation, and special recreation agencies throughout the state. In 2004 Clint served as Chairman of the Board.  During Clint’s tenure of the board he advocated on behalf of creating recreational opportunities for at-risk teenagers throughout the State.

Clint has received a number of awards and honors for his community service.  In 2016, Clint received the 32nd Annual Barth Award from Tri-City Family Services for making a significant impact, through community service, on the central Kane County area.  The Kane County Bar Association awarded Clint their Community Service Award in 2011.  St. Charles East High School awarded him the Jodie Harrison Sports Hall of Fame Award in 2011 and he was named a Distinguished Alumni in 2001.  He was also nominated for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters National Big Brother of the Year Award twice during the time he served as a Big Brother (1992-1999), was nominated as a Red Cross Hometown Hero, and was awarded the Rising Star Award by the Illinois Association of Park Districts in 2001.

Clint received his Juris Doctorate Degree when he graduated from DePaul University in 1993.  Clint received his undergraduate degree in 1990 from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and graduated from St. Charles High School in 1985.

Clint was born and raised in St. Charles.  He and his wife Amy are celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in 2017.  Clint lives in St. Charles with his wife, and their four (4) children.

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