I am proud to have presided over Kane County’s Treatment Alternative Court (a.k.a. Mental Health Court) since 2012.  Mental Health Court is a problem-solving court designed to help non-violent felony offenders who suffer from a mental illness.  The goal of the program is to assist offenders by helping them with their medication, treatment, and therapy during their two years in the program, which is done with the help of a treatment team comprised of Doctors, probation officers, jail staff, and community service providers.   Offenders who successfully complete the program can avoid having a felony conviction and/or serving time in prison.  Graduates of the program often go on to lead productive lives and have a much lower rate of recidivism, thus costing taxpayers less money than offenders who don’t participate in the program.  I am in awe of our community service providers and what they do on a daily basis to serve those suffering from mental illness, and am proud to be in a position to help coordinate their efforts to assist those who appear before me in Mental Health Court.

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