I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fox Valley in 1992 after my second year of law school.  I was matched with Billy K., a 10 year old boy from St. Charles whose father had died a year earlier.  Our match lasted until his eighteenth birthday, as long as the program allowed.  During our eight years, we became as close as real brothers.  I worked with him on his homework, drove him, along with his mom, to diving practice after he joined the St. Charles Swimming and Diving team, and looked on with pride as he graduated from St. Charles High School in 1999.  During that same time, Billy was at my side as I got married; he saw two of my children born, and helped support me after my father died in 1998.  The picture below was taken as part of a promotional campaign for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Fox Valley; we often spoke together at community events encouraging others to join the program.  Now, Bill is married and lives in Indiana.  Being a Big Brother solidified my belief in the importance of helping children, while the lessons I learned working with Bill continue to enhance my ongoing service to the kids in our community as the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Division in Kane County.