In the 1970s, like many kids in the Tri-Cities, I spent my summer days biking around with my friends, playing sports and making up games. On Fourth Street in St. Charles, where I grew up, the most popular game was Wiffle Ball. We were fortunate to have an empty lot next to a neighbor’s house, so our neighborhood group built a Wiffle Ball stadium complete with home run fences, chalked lines, a scoreboard, and lights where we spent countless hours playing games against one another and any challengers that came our way. When our local newspaper the Chronicle heard about the stadium, they wrote the story linked below. Sports editor at the time, Dave Heun, then challenged us to a game, which became a yearly event from 1977-1980. On those hot summer days, my friends and I would host the Chronicle sports department in our stadium for an intense game of Wiffle Ball, cheered on by our family, friends, and other member of the community.  The Chronicle covered the game each year, as it became known as “The Wiffle Ball Classic.” My participation in the game ended when I started high school in 1980, but it was fun to see the tradition continue with a new group of kids. Forty years later, I will still run into people who remember reading the stories and remember me as “The Wiffle Ball Kid.” This event, and other ones like it, is what made growing up in the Tri-Cities so great and made we want to return to raise my family.